Monday, December 17, 2007

Thoughts From the Weekend

* For anyone who thinks Baron Davis is not an “IT” player (posting coming soon), needs to watch this past Lakers-Warriors game from Friday. I still have no idea how the Warriors won that game.

* If you are going to “mail-it-in” (go through the motions and lose), a game that starts at 9:30am Pacific in Detroit is a pretty good one to do it in. However, I would appreciate it if Nellie would let me know next time so I could have put money on it.

* The Saturday following the Kentucky-IU game is a TERRIBLE sports day.

* Trivia question (think Jeopardy): Over-the-hill veteran who is bringing down his Hall of Fame legacy by refusing to retire – then, through what seems like “a miracle,” returns to dominating form at an age where he has no right being this good again.
a) Who is Roger Clemens?
b) Who is Brett Favre?
c) Who are both Roger Clemens and Brett Favre?

Of course, it’s a) Who is Roger Clemens – right … right???


* Could the Mitchell Report have been more comprehensive? I say no. Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that the majority of steroid users are Americans.

* Anyone who thinks people in foreign countries do steroids are just closed minded Americans who know nothing about the world.

* I applaud George Mitchell for not going to Japan, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Venezuela. No one in these countries would even dream of doing steroids.

* Allow me to paint a picture in your head:

You are a young teen in the Dominican Republic and you meet the man who built the school you attended and the baseball facility you practice at. This man’s name is Sammy Sosa. Of course, you don’t think of him as a role model because he took steroids (allegedly). In fact, along with the rest of your friends, you refuse to shake his hand because you would rather be poor and clean than take steroids and be rich and famous.

* You know Sammy Sosa has learned his lesson because this type of treatment in his own country must be terrible.

* Finally, I have to applaud you, Senator, Judge, Lawyer, Captain Integrity, Chairperson of the Red Sox George Mitchell for finding a way to make the Yankees the biggest offenders of the steroid era when every baseball fan in the world knows that it was the San Francisco Giants. This unbiased and indiscriminating persecution has brought your integrity to new heights.


* The lesson to be learned for all you young ball players out there – if you are going to take steroids, please do it in a foreign country because no one will catch you (Also, it doesn’t hurt to play for the Red Sox).

* A graduate of Menlo-Atherton High School (my less-than-illustrious alma mater), Greg Camarillo, caught the game winning touchdown for the Miami Dolphins on Sunday and I still cannot believe it. It was the first touchdown of his career.

* In equally improbable news, the Bengals still cannot beat the Niners.

* Talk to you later in the week.


Suckaflea said...

RT, I need the scouting report on this 6'7" WR from IU. Apparently, the Niners may look at him at the end of the first round next year.

RT said...

James "the I hope he doesn't leave early because we might have a chance to back into a BCS bowl next year like Illinois did this year" Hardy. This guy is solid. While he is not going to blow you away with his speed, he is really strong at the line of scrimmage so it is hard to jam him. He also has very reliable hands and is not afraid to run over the middle. Besides his speed, he is not going to out right beat guys with his route running ability and, as a result, I would not consider him a viable deep threat in the NFL at this point. Bottom line: a poor man's Keyshawn Johnson is the best comparison which is not as bad as it sounds

Suckaflea said...

Well, Todd McShay is an idiot then. He projected the Niners would draft him with the pick they have from Indy. Jackson and Battle are already possession receivers, we don't need a third one. When you're signing Ashley Lelie, you know you have problems getting a downfield threat.

thefantasticpoolio said...

After that game yesterday, I would have to question the quality of his hands. He dropped at least four balls that a "top-flight" receiver should have caught. Sterling Sharpe compared Hardy to a "poor man's" Plaxico Burress, because of the height and jumping ability. I don't think that is fair to Plaxico Burress. Hardy is not as fast nor are his hands as good. In his defense, some of Lewis' passes weren't all that accurate.

The Niners need receivers badly, but I think they can do better than Hardy at the end of the first round.

And I really hope that the Hoosiers can just get back to a bowl game next year. I'm hoping for the Rose Bowl, but I will take the Capital One Bowl (otherwise known as Michigan's personal bowl).