Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saving College Football – One Great Match-up at a time

I promised myself I wouldn’t do it this year. I would not complain about the BCS and I would not write about it. However, some of my most loyal followers urged me to write something so here you go.

Here is the playoff breakdown:
* Season is shortened to 11 games
* Ends the weekend after Thanksgiving

1) OSU – Big Ten Champ
2) LSU – SEC Champ
3) Va Tech – ACC Champ
4) OU – Big 12 Champ
5) USC – Pac 10 Champ
West Virginia – Big East Champ
7) Georgia – hottest team in best conference
8) Mizzou – lost twice to the best team in its conference (still deserving)
9) KU – Losing one game in a major conference is still impressive
Hawaii – undefeated, period

(Illinois is out because they have no right to be in a BCS game over Mizzou or KU)

Round 1 – Dec. 1
Hawaii @ (7) Georgia
(9) KU @ (8) Mizzou (How much do you think this ticket will go for!?)

* Top 6 teams get byes

Round 2 – Dec. 8 and 9
Midwest Bracket (Rotate between Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City)
(8) Mizzou v. (1)
Ohio State

South Bracket (Rotate between New Orleans, Houston and San Antonio)
Georgia v. (2) LSU (Amazing game)

East Bracket (Rotate between Atlanta and Miami)
West Virginia v. (3) Va Tech

West Bracket (Rotate between Glendale, Rose Bowl and San Diego)
San Diego would only be used if one of these two sites is hosting the National Championship game
(5) USC v. (4) OU

(I would not leave the bar for the entire weekend. My blood pressure just went up thinking about this possibility)

3 rd Round – Dec. 22 and 23 (the idea here is to give teams time for finals)

East Bracket (Rotate between New Orleans and Miami – whoever did not host in round 2)
* The top ranked get to play where they want to play
(3) Va Tech v. (2) LSU

West Bracket (Rotate between Glendale and Rose Bowl)
(4) OU v. (1) OSU

National Championship on Jan. 1 (I know this sounds crazy) -Rotate between New Orleans, Rose, Glendale and Miami
(2) LSU v. (1) OSU

* Jan. 1 should go back to being a bowl bonanza. At least 6 games before the National Championship at 8 et.
* You can call every game at former BCS bowl the same name because 3 of the 4 locations is guaranteed a huge game every year.
* 10 teams is perfect and I don’t think anyone else in the country deserves a shot at the National Title than the guys listed. (
Florida, Illinois and Arizona State are not worthy)

Next week I will be posting my first ever WTC Bowl Challenge stay tuned


thefantasticpoolio said...

Now, how do you fund this so that the teams in this playoff get the same payday ($4-$6 million after the rest of the conference gets their cut)?
Let's be honest, money is the only real reason this has not happened yet (e.g. Hawaii is going to recieve in a payday, twice as much as its annual football budget for making it to the Sugar Bowl). The rest of the reasons about college football having the best regular season, and fans not being willing to travel or spend money, etc. are just excuses.
Fix the money problem and you can have a college football playoff system.

thefantasticpoolio said...
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