Monday, December 10, 2007

Thoughts from the weekend:

* Let me get this straight –
1) Shaq tells the media that he should get the ball more
2) Team gives the ball to Shaq more and he doesn't miss a shot. Team is up 10 for most of the game
3) Team’s coach sits Shaq for the last 5 minutes of the game and team loses by 7

* Shaq doesn't know what he is talking about (sarcasm).

* When are we going to learn that when a coach retires (Lloyd Carr,
Michigan) or makes a lateral move (Tubby Smith, Kentucky) that the team he is leaving is going to be terrible?

* The following is from the Chronicle on Saturday:

The worst part about the chaotic BCS is that even a playoff system doesn't sound right this year. Sixteen teams is too many - that removes all suspense from the regular season - and an eight-team field would leave out the team everyone wants to see under big-time pressure, Hawaii (the one must-see bowl game is Hawaii-Georgia)”

1) If only someone could come up with a playoff system that is neither 16 teams nor 8 teams that made sense . . .
2) The Hawaii-Georgia game is only must see if
a) Your son plays for either team
b) You have money on
Georgia (because you are going to win no matter what the line is)
c) Someone is holding a gun to your head saying “you must watch this game or I will kill you”
3) Ben, are you still interested in taking
Hawaii +14?

* I love this time of year in the NFL. Half the teams in the league mail it in. (Raiders, Niners, Vikings (and they won), Chiefs, Panthers, etc.)

* December NFL Action: "its fantastic!" (Get it? Because in the NBA, they mail it in all the time, and "its fantastic!" was their old slogan - you probably knew that)

* Do you think Bill Cowher "retired" to spend more time with his family or because he knew his team would not be able to compete with the Patriots and the Colts?

* Lamar Odom is the Gary Sheffield of basketball - lots of talent, team chemistry killer.

* After the 2005 NBA Draft, I had the following conversation with my dad:
Dad: "Hello"
RT: "Dad, did you see who the Warriors drafted?"
Dad: "I have already told your mother to get me an Ike jersey" (my
dad went to
Arizona State)
RT: "I like the pick but I just know we are going to look back on
this draft 10 years from now and it will be called the Andrew Bynum
draft." (the Warriors took Ike Diogu with the 9th pick and the Lakers
took Bynum with the 10th pick)
Dad: "You are probably right"

* I hate being right.

* Best possible sign a Warriors fan could bring to
Staples Center this year: "Its our time down here."

* Of course, it helps if you win the game.

* I refuse to add the Lakers to the list of teams the Warriors can't beat, but you know what I am thinking ...

* Finally, the Lakers should never wear white jerseys and the Warriors should be kicked out of the league for wearing anything other than their throwbacks.



SFCKOSKI said...

In re: drafting Bynum

Why would the Warriors want Kobe, Steve Nash, Jermaine O'Neal or even Peja when you can have Todd Fuller?

I know, I know, the Todd Fuller call is used all the time. It will always be relevant. Robert Parrish? Nah.

Suckaflea said...

Aaron Rowand, 5 years, $60 million.

I changed my moniker

Adam said...

Anyone else notice that at a warriors game the only jerseys people are wearing are the throwbacks? Shouldn't that tell you that the fans want those jerseys ALL THE TIME?

Change back to blue and gold already!