Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wire Check - 5/21/09


The Padres have traded Jake Peavy to the White Sox. Good news for the Giants, right? Tough to say considering Chad Gaudin held them to one run last night and Chris Young has only allowed one earned run to the Giants in 20 innings.

Zito tried, but he couldn't match the streak of Kirk Reuter.

If you haven't heard, Eric Chavez is down to his last back injury before he calls it a career. And just so everybody's not confused, another injury would require a microdiscectomy and not spinal fusion. Duh. The A's also claimed pitcher Craig Breslow from the Twins, which is a typically good A's move, but ultimately won't matter in the big picture because it's the A's.

Baggs digs into the Giants' lineup struggles and what he finds is not pretty. Interesting tidbit at the end about smoking in the clubhouse.


Orlando played tough and Rashard Lewis made some big shots to eke out a big win in Cleveland. LeBron scored 49, where were his teammates?

Now Ratto is checking in on the overblown story of the Nuggets owner booking WWE at the Pepsi Center in Denver the same night that Game 4 of the WCFs are supposed to be played. Did you think Denver would be in the Western Conference Finals? Exactly.

Should the Warriors trade their draft pick? Could be tough.


Cam Inman talked to The Snake about the Raiders and when The Snake talks, you listen.

Jerry Mac's notes and quotes from Raiders' OTAs.

Walt Harris tore his ACL in OTAs the other day and the 49ers are expected to meet with Dre Bly today. I think Bly could be a good fit and the upside is Walt Harris 2006. Bly was exposed in The problem as I see it, is Bly's best seasons were in St. Louis and Detroit, on turf.

Notes from 49ers OTAs.

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