Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wire Check - February 19, 2009

High praise from Lakers' players about Mont and Anthony Randolph. In fact, Cam Inman details Lamar Odom saying Randolph has hall of fame potential.

After a good game, but a tough loss, MTII wonders why Stephen Jackson played 45 minutes when Kobe played only 36.

Lowell Cohn says it was a typical Warriors' loss.

Adam Lauridsen says the Warriors have nothing to lose, except the games.

Kawakami says it ain't over for Alex Smith, yet. TK is also an ardent Randolph supporter.

Gwen Knapp takes a closer look at an Alex on each coast.

Bruce Jenkins wonders why the MLB season needs to start so late. He also empties his steroid notebook.

Baggs details Bocock's blood flow issue that was resolved with Viagra. Also, pictures of Edgar Renteria in a Giants uniform.

McCovey Chronicles breaks down the spring training battles in the bullpen.

A possible free agent target for the 49ers has been tagged.

Matt Maiocco is braving the Indianapolis weather to cover the scouting combine so you don't have to.

The Raiders made Shane Lechler the highest paid punter in history. What's next?

Now that Lechler has signed, could Tom Condon's other Raiders client be next?

Everybody is talking about Lechler.

A's reliever Brad Ziegler will pitch for the USA in the WBC.

The Giambino has arrived at Spring Training.

The Sharks won't open the season in Europe next year.

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