Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wire Check - February 18, 2009

Ray Ratto gets the message,">Shaun Hill be the quarterback next year, unless he's not.

The Media keeps looking for a team for Michael Vick, even though he's still under contract with the Falcons and he's still in jail. When Singletary said, "I'm not going to say I'm open or closed" regarding signing Vick, the national media immediately spun it to mean the 49ers were interested. In fact, ESPN even ran it on the bottom line, even though">Matt Maiocco and">Matt Barrows report that team officials have denied anuy possible interest in Vick.

Some actual news, the Niners will be wearing"> familiar uniforms very soon and on a permanent basis.

Gwen Knapp says">Singletary stole the show at the 49ers stat of the franchise.

Scott Ostler responds to A-Rods press conference with">his own Q&A.

Cam Inman checks in with">his take on the A-Rod presser.

Bruce Jenkins talks about A-Rod and offers this in his 3-Dot section regarding watching sports in Hi Def,">"I don't ever want to reach the point where I can't enjoy a sporting event if it isn't in HD." That's the type of excuse I use for not doing heroin, not watching sports.

Feening for some cycling articles?">Ann Killion has your back.

Nancy Gay runs down the list of">Bay Area players taking part at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis.

MTII">updates us from Warriors practice last night.">Janny Hu's take.

Adam Lauridsen breaks down fans into three categories regarding the trading deadline:">The Believers, The Skeptics and The Cynics.

Kawakami looks at the">economic pinch figuring to set in on the NBA and the ramifications on the Warriors.

Baggs says the Giants are still">kicking the tires on Joe Crede, but are prepping Sandoval to play third base. Zito and Brian Wilson are BFFs and a Posey-Lincecum batrtery is the only Golden Spikes combo he can think of.

The Giants want">Matt Cain to lose the resemblance to">Bobby Hill.

Jason Jones breaks down">Chris Johnson's new deal with the Silver and Black.">More of the same from Jerry Mac.

Only because A's fans really want to know,">Rajai Davis' offseason.

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