Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lincecum Report – Start #8 - Preview

It took a little longer than I anticipated BUT has officially moved it’s HQ to SD!

Last Start:

The numbers from his last start might lead one to believe that he had a good start. He was not sharp. He did not throw a lot of first pitch strikes (40%) and the Phillies hit .333 when they were started off with a ball. His pitch count suffered because of his lack of command and some bad breaks in the field. There was a terrible call by an umpire – which turned into an error and a terrible throw by Castillo at third. While none of these calls led to earned runs, Lincecum did give up 4 runs in 6 innings because he failed to close out the inning after a bad call or an error. In the end, Lincecum did not have his best stuff but he battled through it to keep the Giants in the game.

Stat line (for the last game):
IP: 6, K: 6, BB: 2, H: 6, ER: 0

Stat line (for the last game):
IP: 42.1, K: 45, BB: 17, H: 41, ER: 7

Pitching Psychology:

For the first time this season, Lincecum had only C+ stuff and he is going to really want to bring his A game in his next start. Since the Phillies are the opponent again, he will want to show them that he does not give up 4 runs in consecutive starts – (I have to believe “the look” is going to reappear today). He is also getting an extra day of rest because of the “Zito is in the bullpen actually he is a stater actually he is a bum” situation. The combination of rest and coming off a bad start will put Lincecum in the right mind set to succeed.

Opponent Overview:

The Phillies can hit. With the addition of Rollins, their lineup gets even more dangerous for two reasons: (1) Rollins is the reigning MVP and (2) Rollins gives the Phillies another base stealer to compliment Victorino. With Rollins in the lineup, there isn’t a better 1-5 in the National League – (1) Rollins, (2) Victorino, (3) Utley, (4) Howard and (5) Burrell. (Imagine what happens when Howard gets it together!)

Three Things to Remember:


(New HQ so a new thing to think about)

When the defensive gave the Phillies extra outs last weekend, Lincecum gave up some big hits that lead to unearned runs. Lincecum has to become more unhittable in order to bein the same conversation as Webb, Santana and Peavy.


IF/when Rollins and Victorino get on-base, can Lincecum keep them on first? Charlie Manuel will not hesitate to be aggressive – especially knowing that scoring runs against Lincecum is not easy.

The 1st Pitch:

Here is your first pitch stat of the start:

1st Pitch Ball: K – 19, BB – 14
1st Pitch Strike: K – 26, BB – 3

Enough said


Lincecum will start aggressive and stay aggressive. I think he goes deep into the game but gives up a few runs on the way. The Giants win a close one (shocking, I know).

Final Score:

Phillies 2 – Giants 3

Lincecum’s Stat Line
IP: 8, K: 7, BB: 1, H: 4, ER: 2

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