Thursday, January 3, 2008

Betting on 2008

Happy New Year to all of you Corner Dwellers!

While some of you may be sad to see 2007 go (by some of you I mean nobody), it is time for new beginnings in Bay Area sports. In this posting, I will be giving my over-unders on wins and various stats for 2008 and I would like your take on them. Next week, I will give which side of the over-under I am choosing and why.

The Niners started 2008 off with a bang by firing GM Mike Nolan but retaining Head Coach Mike Nolan. I have to say that I am very impressed by this move. The lack of creativity (not to mention production) on offense warranted another year of “since I dress really well and I look very serious, I must be a good coach” football in San Francisco. This guy is a clown and there are too many other good coaches out there to settle for another year of “Giorgio Armani” football.

(Note on work attire: My Mom always told me “you have to dress for the job you want and not the job you have”. Of course, the next day I showed up at work in a Patriots hooded sweatshirt from 2004. I was sent home. Thanks Mom)

2008 over-under on wins: 7

# of tackles for Patrick Willis: 220
# of touchdowns by Vernon Davis: 1
# of visits to Dr. James Andrews by Alex Smith: 3

The Giants are facing their worst season since 1996. They can’t score runs and the bullpen can’t stop the other team from scoring runs. The front office has built the worst farm system in the majors and to top it all off they still have a 40 year old woman doing “sideline” reporting during their telecasts. I have plenty to write on the Giants in the follow-up posting to this one

2008 over-under on wins: 65

# of home runs by the entire outfield combined: 35
Attendance at the second home game of the year: 18,000
# of games started by Tim Lincecum in September: 2

(% chance of me getting the extra innings baseball package: 0)

The best Warriors team in my life time might be an 8 seed in the playoffs. I hate the Western Conference.

# of playoff wins in 2008: 3
# of years on Baron’s contract extension: 4

Amount of money I will spend on plane tickets to see the Warriors in the playoffs: $450

The A’s would be as big of a nightmare as the Giants if it were not for the fact that their farm system remains productive. The Dan Heren trade was a good one and allowed them to reload again. However, this is a posting about 2008 so they are set to finish dead last just like the Giants

2008 over-under on wins: 72

# of runs scored in the Friday night Giants-A’s game at Pac Bell Park (combined): 3
# of “Billy Beane has done it again” comments by an ESPN analyst: 4,000,000
# of times I tell an A’s fan this year about how bad the Chavez contract is: 4,000,000

Who cares?

# of people who care about the Raiders that will read my postings in 2008: 0

Please post your answers to these challenging questions by next Wednesday.


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Suckaflea said...

My love for the Niners knows no bounds. So, I have to say something smart-sounding to earn some credibility.

Right now, take the under on the wins. It pains me to no end to say this. 2008, @Dallas, @NYG, @BUF(underrated this season and if the game is in Dec.???), @MIA, @ NFC South Team, home vs. Philly, Wash, New England, Jets, NFC North Team. Plus, six in an NFC West bound to improve. Say they split NFC West schedule, will they win five more games? If the schedule gods give them ATL and DET, maybe, but it ain't gonna be easy. What't the oveer/under on Bears wins, RT?
Vernon Davis, however, will be better than you think. Take the over on that. Why the hate on VD? I know he's a mountain of hype, but he's played pretty well this year, when he's involved in the game plan. He went a whole half without getting a pass thorwn to him this year. He was drafted to make plays, if I may invoke a Keyshawnism, throw him the damn ball!!!! He still needs polishing, for sure, but 1 TD? You crazy. over.
Patrick Willis, Suckaflea & Mark Duper all born on January twenty-fifth...unfortunately I don't think making 220 tackles is possible unless you had a defense enitrely compsoed of mini-Ditkas. under.
Alex Smith - Show me something. This is your last chance. under.

Don't beat aruound the bush, RT. You just can't bring yourself to predict the Giants lose 100. I don't think they will so I'm going over. Say...70.
When I first read the homerun number I thouhgt it was for the entire team, but I still have the same answer, under.
Attendance - If it's Cain/Lincecum then second game attendance will be fine. I would worry about games four and five. Over.
What's your angle on Lincecum? Is he getting hurt or shut down? I want to say he pitches in September, but I can't bring myself to put it in print or type it or blog it.

You heard it here first...Warriors Western Conference Finals participants.
Baron gets extened four years, but that includes next year, which is a player option.
When the Warriors go to the WCFs, RT will be shelling out $1000+++
I hate the A's.
"The Raiders will win..."eight games